Saw Service of America is a proud distributor of Dake bandsaw machines and sawing products. Dake bandsaw machines are available in semi or fully automatic, with a variety of accessories available. Saw Service stocks Dake bandsaws at our location and can provide parts and service for Dake saw repair.


Dake Johnson V-40 Vertical Bandsaw

Dake Johnson V-40 Vertical Bandsaw

Dake Johnson V-40 Vertical Bandsaw -

For job shop or low production service, Dake has band saw models for all materials. These Johnson Vertical Bandsaws feature a robust frame construction.


  • Adjustable blade feed pressure supplies up to 60 lbs. of cutting pressure. This simple but effective system requires no additional motors or hydraulics, leaving it maintenance free.
  • Variable speed range. 50-500 fpm continuous range. Speed indicator is clearly visible.
  • Power feed and tilt table combination makes compound angle cutting easy and practical.

Standard Equipment:

  • Work lamp
  • A protractor head attachment, standard on Dake/Johnson 24 and 40 models allows exact settings for angle cuts ranging from 45˚ left to 45˚ right.
  • A contour cutting attachment is standard on the VH-24 and VH-40 hydraulic feed table models. With this feature, it's a snap to hold and cut pieces with irregular profiles.
  • High speed roller guides, for cutting non-ferrous materials, are furnished as standard equipment with the 24 and 40 models.


Model V40
Blade width 5/16"-3/4"
Blade length 188"
Blade speed 50-425 | 425-4250
Welder capacity 5/16" - 3/4"
Worktable travel distance 10
Worktable t-slots 4
Band wheels size 161/2"
HP 2.2
Throat size 41"
Maximum work height 13"
Worktable dimensions 263/8" x 263/8"
Worktable tilt 10º/30º
Worktable Height 407/8"
Machine Height 78"
Machine Floor Space 72" x 60"
Weight 2,460Ibs
Voltage 220V or 440V, 3PH
Dake Bandsaws Spec Sheet
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